Our calling is to evangelize, equip and empower people to fulfill their purpose in the Kingdom of God. We believe that God is the creator and sovereign ruler of all that exists. This reality is revealed to us in Scripture as the Kingdom of God. God’s Kingdom is simply His will and rule over creation as LORD and King. Ecclesiastes 3:1 makes it clear that everything God created has a purpose.

The problem is when we function outside of our purpose it inevitably brings death, destruction and dysfunction on God’s world. Sin has separated us from God and changed our affections from Him to ourselves. Only through the gospel can we redeem the lost, restore purpose to humanity and be used to build His kingdom in our world.

God spoke His will to our hearts that we would evangelize to redeem the lost and restore their purpose; that we would equip people through strong discipleship to effectively carryout God’s will and then empower God’s people to make a difference in this world for His glory.     

The Call